Friday, February 21, 2014

words speak loader than actions

We usually think that in all cases action speaks louder than words, but if we make a little observation in our daily life. The vice-verse happens, words speak louder than actions. For example, if someone like your friend slaps you. You might take it personally and slaps him back. Moreover there can be a little bit fight between you and him or you and he can face problems with each other but after some days, you or he can make peace and the matter can be solved. If someone abuses you or vice-verse it will become a big issue. Both of you will take this very personally (depends upon nature) and a big fight may occur between you and him. Another thing may happen is that you both may face problems for many days on this abuse based issue. It may become more difficult for both of you to make peace.

Today a new type of quotation is used to deal with such matters i.e. ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’. I am not talking about laws of newton, I am talking about laws of fight. If someone beats you, abuses you, say something which you can’t tolerate. Your reaction will be to beat him back or abuse him back. This action-reaction process gives rise to fight. In any fight we use two weapons muscle power and word power. In which of these weapons is more powerful in its effect. Usually a fight is started by using word powers like ‘idiot’ and when the exchange of these words increases it leads to muscle-power fight. In these cases word power is dominant.

It is not so in only fights during play. According to some of my school experience I have observed that if you publicly say something to a teacher especially egoistic teachers. He or she make it a big issue and try to suppress you in marks, in lectures and various other means. Facing your boss at your office, facing your coach of sports academy and facing your senior highly depends that which words you are using to him or her.

Words are the things which are most likely considered by many people of different fields but it is not necessary that words are more powerful in all fields. The politics is a field where words are not much considered by the people. The people want action towards their demands. Even in office the work done by an employee defines his salary. So we can’t say words are more powerful than actions but words are gaining strength century by century.