Friday, February 21, 2014

words speak loader than actions

We usually think that in all cases action speaks louder than words, but if we make a little observation in our daily life. The vice-verse happens, words speak louder than actions. For example, if someone like your friend slaps you. You might take it personally and slaps him back. Moreover there can be a little bit fight between you and him or you and he can face problems with each other but after some days, you or he can make peace and the matter can be solved. If someone abuses you or vice-verse it will become a big issue. Both of you will take this very personally (depends upon nature) and a big fight may occur between you and him. Another thing may happen is that you both may face problems for many days on this abuse based issue. It may become more difficult for both of you to make peace.

Today a new type of quotation is used to deal with such matters i.e. ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’. I am not talking about laws of newton, I am talking about laws of fight. If someone beats you, abuses you, say something which you can’t tolerate. Your reaction will be to beat him back or abuse him back. This action-reaction process gives rise to fight. In any fight we use two weapons muscle power and word power. In which of these weapons is more powerful in its effect. Usually a fight is started by using word powers like ‘idiot’ and when the exchange of these words increases it leads to muscle-power fight. In these cases word power is dominant.

It is not so in only fights during play. According to some of my school experience I have observed that if you publicly say something to a teacher especially egoistic teachers. He or she make it a big issue and try to suppress you in marks, in lectures and various other means. Facing your boss at your office, facing your coach of sports academy and facing your senior highly depends that which words you are using to him or her.

Words are the things which are most likely considered by many people of different fields but it is not necessary that words are more powerful in all fields. The politics is a field where words are not much considered by the people. The people want action towards their demands. Even in office the work done by an employee defines his salary. So we can’t say words are more powerful than actions but words are gaining strength century by century.     

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Present Serials of Indian Television

The first serials in India started in the 80’s. The main objective of the regular serials was to show the reality of our regular life. They succeeded in their objective and many people started watching the serials like Hum Log and Buniyaad with full excitement. According to my parents there was a situation that the streets became empty when these serials started. Today the subject of serials is changed in various ways.

Today the serials which we see on television have lost their concept i.e. about the reality of regular life. I can’t say that it has totally lost its concept but some of the unrealistic events like giving life to a dead person in a serial or making impossible coincidences and misunderstandings. Other things for example that in a serial someone got to know that he is not a son of his father but he is a son of his uncle. Someone is dead but later on he becomes alive and tells that how he got survived. Someone loves a particular girl but by mistake or misunderstanding he marries some other girl. The serial makers use these uncertain events and continue the story for months and years. This makes serials uninteresting and unrealistic.

These serials made an uncomfortable noise like ‘dhumtananananananananananananana’. It is so disturbing that men can’t do their work or relax at home. Other problem is that the serial makers don't finish the serials within 100 episodes but they continue the story for years and years. It develops a curiosity in women that what will happen next  and also leads to serial obsession in them. These unrealistic serials may lead to disturbed environment at home.

Most of the serials are watched by women, this leads to two disadvantages. First due to continuous distraction caused by watching serials makes them unaware of their studies which affect their future. As the number of serials watched by women is so many that other people sometimes become unable to watch the channels based on knowledge. Various people are getting disturbed by these serials and their noises.

Serials do show some realistic events like problems faced by females but it is shown with so much noises and unrealistic events that it makes the serial unrealistic and it doesn’t show the reality of life. Serials should be made only to show the real life and there should be no disturbing noises.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

First Conversation with foreigners

The month before Diwali my mother planned that I, mom and my sis will go to visit my uncle’s home who lives in Chandigarh. Mom told me that we will leave after Diwali. We were going to travel by a train Kalka Shatabdi Express. We were travelling to Chandigarh by that train since two years. I was much aware of its facilities. On 4th November 2013 around 5 at morning we left home and went to New Delhi Railway Station.

When we reached there the train was already arrived. We got in the train and started finding our seats we got the middle seat of the train. It was my favourite seat in Shatabdi Express. My plan was to sit there and listening to my music in my phone. When I was putting out my phone suddenly I heard someone saying ‘Excuse me’ in English accent. When I turned around I saw a foreign couple standing in front of me. I stood up and gave them some room so that they could sit on their seats.

When they put their bags and sat on the seats they joined their hands and thanked me for giving them some room. When I sat down the lady of the foreign couple asked me that in which direction the train will move. I was not sure because every time we went to that train the direction always changed. I said ‘I don’t know’ after that the foreign man of the couple told me ‘she’s always in superstition, thinking that going forward is safe and going backward is not safe’. It was my very first conversation with foreigners, I was a little nervous because I was not only talking to strangers but I was talking to foreigners. I decided that I will make a normal behaviour in front of them.

When the train was ready to depart I saw four people coming and sitting on our front seats. They were having a conversation with each other but I couldn’t understand there language. I thought that they were speaking Tamil but later after I heard a word छे from them repeatedly. I understood that they were speaking Gujarati language. They were laughing during their conversation but still I couldn’t understand their language then suddenly mom asked to put out the towel from the bag. When I was putting out the bag I saw the Guajarati were looking at me with a big smile. They said something to each other and started laughing out loud. I thought that they were making fun of me and I sat down.

I started observing the Guajarati people very carefully then I felt by their gestures that they were making fun of the foreigners. The foreigners suddenly observed them and Guajarati people made a pleasant smile. Then both people started their conversation in English. The People talked about their destinations, ages, carriers and then the Gujarati people asked their names. The foreigners told them that they were from Switzerland and are going to visit Shimla. I also made my involvement in the conversation and asked them ‘what are nice places for tourism in Switzerland. ‘Do you want to go there’ they asked. I nodded and they said that there are many hill stations in Switzerland. They also added that that Switzerland is a very small country having the population of less than that of Uttarakhand.

The Gujarati people did a lot of conversation with the foreigners. I was only listening to them and finding a way to involve in the conversation. I failed to make involvement in the conversation and decided that I should go to washroom. When I came back I saw that one of the Gujarati persons has taken my seat and were having a nice conversation with foreigners. I sat on the other chair and then I kept listening to their conversation until I asked them ‘can I take your picture’, they agreed and said ‘In Bollywood Style’ and I took a picture of them. After them I didn’t made any type of conversation with them. I observed that the train has arrived to the destination and I, mom and Juhi put our suitcase and got off the train. I had a very great experience with the first acquaintance with a foreign people. The only regret is that I became nervous with no reason and I didn’t say goodbye to those people. This experience was great. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hindi as syllabus

Hindi is widely used language of India, we have developed a nice approach towards Hindi but in schools it is not good so. We know that industrialization has made English a global language so on many parts of India the pure Hindi (शुद्ध हिंदी) is not used so far. The use of pure Hindi as syllabus has created a huge difficulty on various students.

Today in schools Hindi is taught for the student’s good approach towards Hindi but using Hindi as a syllabus has made horrible conditions. According to students the pure Hindi taught by teachers give a huge syllabus of Hindi and teachers don’t give marks on normal Hindi. This is resulting in causing a hatred for Hindi among various students.

The pure Hindi writings and poetries by our ancient writers and poets should be taught in schools but should not be applied in syllabus. The moral values, learnings should be given to students as syllabus but not the pure Hindi.

Hindi is our regular language and should be taught in schools but the pure Hindi taught to the students should be in limited form and good form. The pure Hindi should be taught to those students who are really interested in learning pure Hindi. This will reduce pressure among students and dominance of Hindi will continue.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Is it good going school regularly?

We have often heard from our parents that we should go to school regularly but many times we avoid going to school because we feel sleepy or we don’t want to wake up so early for going to school. There are many other reasons and excuses for avoiding going school but this is also true that there is a logical reason for students which makes them avoid going to school.

Most of students who don’t prefer going to school, are usually in secondary classes. There are other logical reasons other than sleepiness of students to avoid going  to school. Some students believe that by self-studying they can study much better and they don’t need to go to school. Some others believe that the way of the teaching of the teachers is not well. Some other students bunk school in the days of useless activities or when a cultural function is going to be held in the school. These reasons can be true and cannot be true depending on how a student is interested in studies.

There is another reason that makes a student avoid going to school which is huge homework given to them. Today teachers give huge amount of homework as per the board syllabus. These assignments are so complicated and time consuming that a student sometimes unable to complete it and bunk school. 

In my opinion a student should not attend school if he feels that a teacher is unable to teach students in the right way. If he feel that he can cover his syllabus at home comfortably he should not go to school. At the same time he should make sure that there mustn’t be an over doing that . If over bunking is done a student will be unaware of the important lectures done in the class. It can also affects the results of students.

Bunking school is good but over bunking is not good. Students should concentrate in their studies and expects to  get better outcomes in exams and from schools.    

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Flattery (chamchagiri) a shortcut to success

We see various kinds of egoistic people in our schools, colleges and offices who are usually our seniors. These people have the power to give some advantage to their juniors. Many people believe that hard work is the way to impress their seniors. Some people, however, believe that flattery is the best way to impress their seniors.

Flattery means starting appreciating a person without any reason and make him happy. Employees use this method in various events, for example: - giving birthday party to boss at office and appreciating boss on his usual or unusual issues . This method is followed not only in offices but also in schools. Students start flattering their teachers in hope that they will increase his or her marks. By using flattery many people get profit from it without doing any hard work.  

Flattery is also done between best friends. That kind of flattery is not done in greed but it is done to maintain their relationship as friends. In school I have always seen that when relationship between two friends get spoiled by some reasons, one of the friends try to maintain their relationship by apologizing or giving excuse that he was just joking.

Flattery should be done in limits. Excess flattery of a person can lead to loss rather than profit and can even spoil a relationship. Flattering can be done whether to get profit or in maintaining a relationship but the main thing that we should remember that greed is a curse and the appetite for getting more advantage can lead to loss rather than profit.