Friday, December 24, 2010

Some Ramblings

The Smoking Toilet

On 8th December 2009, I went to washroom in 1st period. When I opened my zip, suddenly a strange smell was coming from the hole of toilet. My nose was rotting and I was thinking that the toilet is drinking cigarette. I came with holding my nose. After 7 periods I went to washroom and I found that the smoke was gone. I felt relieved. I think that toilet has suffered with cancer and after it's operation it cross its heart to never smoke again.

Key Lost

On 8th april 2010, we went to our old home which in Hissar.  While going to Hissar, in Rohtak we took our lunch at Madras cafe. I ate idli sambhar which is my favorite, my father had tea and vegetable paratha, my mother also ate vegetable paratha and my grandmother drank lassi. After luch, when my father was taking out the key of car  he saw that the key was not there. He checked his pocket but it was not there.  We checked his laptop bag but it was not there. We looked inside the whole cafe but it was there. We tried other visitors' cars' keys but they were not fitting in the lock of our car. My father used a scale to open the door of the car and it was opened. We checked the car but it was not there.  When my father was going to buy a new key suddenly the gaurd found the key. He found it from three girls which were sitting in front of us who found the key from the ground.

Pulkit Khatri 

When I was in 7th class there came a new student Pulkit he was a very naughty student he gives many abuses to other students. On 21st April he came to my seat another boy Garv was beside me he asked him.
Pulkit: give me your English notebook I have to complete my work.
Me and Garv: we also have to complete our work.
By saying this he twisted our cheeks. We were very angry we complained the teacher she scolded him but Pulkit is Pulkit. Today he again came to our seat and dancing like a mad and he was irritating me I complained the teacher. She scolded him then he hugged me and said like a boss of the office he is my friend then I thought that it's brain screw is not only loose rather its fallen down.

Monkey snatches the bread

On 23th august 2010 when I went to buy the bread and kurkure when I went back at the of my home the road was filled with water I decided to go by the side of the road. Suddenly a monkey jumped from a wall and started chattering.  I run out of fear. When I was about to turn he scrached my polybag and the bread fell down from the polybag. When I saw that their is a hole in polybag I went to take the bread but monkey has already taken the bread. That was my first experience that the bread. It was all hunters fault, they killed the many tigers and cut so many trees. That's why those monkeys came to cities and towns.

Pipe Blast 

On 27th January 2010 at night when my father was doing laptop. In kitchen when my mother was preparing milk for me and my father. Suddenly she saw that the sink pipe was leaking it was connected by RO pipe. My father went to see the problem. He tried to pull the pipe suddenly a strong pressure of water came and my father and me tried to stop it but it became harder and harder. My father got all wet. I went to almirah and took my father's clothes my father said to me that call the gaurd of the society. My father said to the guard to turn off the pump of the water. Guard turned off the pump and the water got lower for sometimes and again then a great preasure started coming and then we were not able to stop because my father had already wore the clothes and the time was 12 pm and then we went to sleep but for sometimes my father went to Balcony and then he came back and sleep. But in night it was continuously going on. At 2 am my father and mother tried to stop it but failed. In the morning I went to school when I came back my mother told me that the plumber came and fixed it.

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